The partner team is complemented by a team of specialists, in most cases supporting the partners already since 2007. The specialist team provides strategic, operational, technical, accounting and legal resources. The members of the specialist team also have complementary qualifications and can rely on a long-standing expertise in their respective fields.

Dieter Tiemann

  • 20+ years financial advisor & asset manager
  • 13+ years investments in renewable energy

Rudolf Vossen

  • ­ 20+ years project- and capital market financing
  • ­ 5+ years investments in renewable energy

Christiane v. Plotho

Office Management
  • Dipl. in Business Administration
  • 20+ years Banking background

Stefan Mertel

Analyses / Business Modelling
  • Dipl. in Business Administration
  • 4+ years Private Equity

Alexander Pawlak

Electrical Engineering / Construction Supervision /ITB
  • Dipl. in Engineering
  • 25+ years plant engineering & construction

Maren Bittner

Legal Adivsor
  • Lawyer
  • Lawyer in different law firms

Till Richter

  • Economist
  • 2+ years private equity

Dionisios Panayotidis

Strategie & Operations Greece
  • Dipl. in Engineering., Dipl. in Industrial Engineering
  • 10+ years Siemens, Athen
  • 14+ years Roland Berger, München

Athanasios Kyriakis

Accounting / Taxes / Controlling
  • Dipl. in Business Administration
  • 20+ years tax advisor and accountant

Constantinos Sioumis

Market Research / M&A
  • MBA, MSc in Energy Systems, Dipl. in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
  • 5+ years corporate advisory

Nikos Papazoglou

Operation & Maintenance
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Technical University Crete, Chania


Christof Metz

Investment Analyst
  • Dipl. in Engineering, Energy & Environmental Technology
  • M.Sc. in Management, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management


Dagmar Spanraft

Investment Analyst
  • Studied economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business
  • M.A. in International Banking and Finance

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