SolarKapital invests equity and entrepreneurship into corporations and projects in the solar sector.

SolarKapital is an owner-managed financial services provider who invests equity and know how along the entire value chain of the solar sector as an active partner. Applying hands-on attitude, SolarKapital supports innovative enterprises in their pursuit of strong and sustainable growth. We are looking for enterprises, which not only focus on the questions “what?” and “how?” (what are we doing and how do we do it?). More important for us is their clear answer to the question “why do we do it?”. In addition to corporate investments, SolarKapital acquires solar projects as an Independent Power Producer (IPP).
For corporate investments the regional focus is on firms based in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. For project investments the regional focus currently is on all European countries. The long term experience of the partner team in Private Equity, Corporate & Project Finance, Midcap Business and Renewable Energy make SolarKapital the ideal partner for investments in the solar sector. Our “Why” is the pleasure of being part of the build-up of leading/great/unique companies. Mediocracy is not an option. We strive for an attractive risk/return profile for our investors. We do not just manage third party investor funds but also invest our own capital in our portfolio companies and projects. These investments ensure full alignment of interests. The development of the companies is part of our success. SolarKapital offers its investors investment opportunities with relatively low complexity and in tried and tested legal structures following German law.

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There are multiple reasons for the focus on the solar sector:

Solar is a comparatively young sector. Thus, there is still large potential for development and growth. Growth is an important driver for our investments.

Solar offers the chance to implement experience and successful business concepts from different industries. Thus, solar companies and projects offer many opportunities to improve operating results and to bring about a sustainable increase in the value of our investments.

Solar is an international market. Thus, solar companies have the chance to internationalize their business model. Cross border activity is one further driver and success factor for our investments.

Solar represents already a substantial component in the energy mix and will continue to do so in the future. Thus, solar companies and projects may not only be economically successful but play an important role in the restructuring of the energy industry.

Solar is inexhaustible and climate friendly. Solar investments meet the concerns of environment and society.