The solar market is highly attractive:

  • multiple value drivers for corporate investments (market growth, operating profit improvement, consolidation/buy&build, restructuring, internationalisation)
  • stable cash flows, high debt ratio and efficiency potential for park investments
  • limited correlation with other asset classes

We provide solar companies with equity capital up to an amount of EUR 5 million. We focus on the complete value chain i.e. solar machinery suppliers, wafer-, cell- and module producers, inverter suppliers, mounting structure suppliers, EPC/turn key suppliers, park operators, monitoring systems and O&M service providers.

We advise entrepreneurs in all business aspects, i.e. strategy, corporate structure, sales, management, finance, internationalisation and M&A. We do not take over day to day business but provide coaching support in a “workshop culture”.

While applying defensive investment criteria, we target an investment with an appropriate relationship between opportunities and risks. Our investment history complies with these benchmarks.


Active partner for a time - network forever

All our investments benefit from the large network of SolarKapital, which gives access to important decision makers. We actively play the role of a „co-entrepreneur“ based on advisory as well as supervisory mandates. We want to ensure a regular exchange of views and ideas and are open for any questions any time. SolarKapital is equity partner for some time – the normal investment period is 5 years.

Transparent participation, no sales commissions

SolarKapital transacts its investments in legally proven structures with low complexity (i.e. limited partnerships under German law). Premiums and selling commissions do not exist. Apart from a management fee, SolarKapital is only rewarded on a success basis ("carried interest").