The solar business could create up to 100,000 new jobs in Europe until 2021. That is the result of the survey „Solar PV Jobs & Value Added in Europe“, conducted by the Association Solar Power Europe (SPE). According to the study, solar will grow to a total of 175,000 European jobs and generate 9,5 billion Euro of economic value, if Europe meets its 2020 renewable energy targets. The goal requires the EU member states to fulfil at least 20 per cent of their final energy consumption with renewables. Currently the renewable energy target for 2030 is 27%, only 7% more than the goal for 2020. The study predicted the effect of moving to 35% on solar jobs and found that another 120,000 would be created bringing the grand total close to 350,000 solar jobs by 2030. The results of the study are supposed to be an incentive for politicians to further support the growth of the solar sector. For further information please see here.