Coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the foundation of SolarKapital GmbH by them, Andreas Leimbach and Tobias Engelhardt announce the establishment of the SolarKapital Foundation.This charitable foundation particularly promotes, among others, projects in the field of education.

    "Act entrepreneurially, challenge the established and create something new, better and greater" - this attitude not only characterized the early cooperation of Leimbach and Engelhardt when they initially met in 1996 but also, and in particular, the period of their partnership since the foundation of SolarKapital GmbH in 2010. Hard work, mutual understanding and trust, willingness to assume responsibility and measured risk-taking are further cornerstones of their cooperation and friendship. Similar social background and generous, friendly support in their respective personal environments have also shaped their individual perspectives. It is now the objective of the SolarKapital Foundation to multiply this general attitude and approach in society at large and to set positive impulses for the better.