France/Greece - 2016 was one of the most productive years for the pv plants of the SolarKapital Group in Greece and France. As a result of an efficient asset management and high irradiation levels, the year closed with a more than positive result. Our 2.2 MWp-plant on Corsica recorded again a successful year of production. In total, the plant produced about 3,000 MWh. With a specific yield of 1,385 kWh/kWp, the plant was performing above the average values of the past years. Thanks goes to the management team led by Christiane v. Plotho and the o&m team of ENcome Energy Performance led by Andreas Semmel. The plants on the Greek islands actually achieved historical peak values in 2016. The Cretan plants produced a total annual production of approx. 938 MWh. The specific yield of 1,675 kWh/kWp was significantly higher than the average value of the previous years since inception. The situation was similar on Rhodes. The annual production of approx. 495 MWh and the specific yield of 1,684 kWh/kWp exceeded the average values of all previous years since inception. Thanks goes to the local team in Greece, Nikos Papazoglou and Athanasios Kyriakis. Dr. Andreas Leimbach, Managing Partner of the SolarKapital-group, comments: “The production results are unreservedly positive. They confirm our active, cost-conscienscious and detail-oriented approach in the management of our pv plants. We will continue this also in the future“.