Hamburg – At the end of June, experts in the PV-sector came together to discuss the current developments within the PV O&M market. The continued depression of module-prices of the past years and the intense competition between O&M providers turned out to be the key topics of the conference, which was also attended by Robin Hirschl, Managing Director of ENcome Energy Performance, with an own contribution. A majority of the participants agreed: The ongoing consolidation trend will continue and larger portfolios will help O&M providers reducing the complexity of their business. This assessment is also shared by Andreas Leimbach, who is further expecting increasing O&M prices (per kWh) due to the rising demand of professional, independent service providers and the appreciation of their service quality by asset owners. Leimbach also emphasized that getting to scale is no longer the only way. Especially detail-oriented service provider with the view and the attitude of an asset owner are expected to be the winners of the imminent consolidation phase. (Picture: PV Asset Management and O&M, Europe,, 30.06.2017)