Greece – Partially already since the year 2010, SolarKapital operates 10 pv parks on the Greek islands of Rhodes and Crete. Next to good irradiation results and also attributable to professional operations & maintenance services, all parks achieved a high degree of availability (> 99%) and also a very satisfying performance ratio (> 80%). On Crete, the parks are supervised by Nikos Papazoglou, a local engineer, on Rhodes this service is performed by Dimitris and Manolis Kazoullis, also local engineering entrepreneurs. The SolarKapital group also offers operations & maintenance services to third party operators and owners of pv parks on Crete  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

    The energy produced by the parks is fed into the local grids and taken off by DEDDIE, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DEI (PPC), the Greek monopolist in charge of energy supply. Even during the recent peak of the financial and economic crisis of Greece, DEDDIE made all payments regularly, on time and according to invoices. Regrettably, the capital control measures recently enacted by the Greek Government prevent the investors of the pv parks to get access to the dividends. Relaxation of capital control measures are expected in the beginning of 2016 (after the recapitalization of the Greek banks have taken place. As soon as this happens, the SolarKapital group will continue the investigation of additional business opportunities in the Greek solar sector.